The Magic Flute
Kennet Opera
Poster boy!
This was the poster for Kennet Opera's Magic Flute which played in November 2008. The pigeon's name is Percy. (Photo by Vikki Champion)
Der Vogelfanger
Because of the updated setting, in Kennet Opera's 2008 production, Papageno was a gamekeeper rather than a bird-catcher and sang "I am the gamekeeper, that's my game, and Papageno is my name!"
Poor old Papageno - his lips padlocked for telling lies, he tries to persuade Tamino (played by Ben Thapa) to help him out of his predicament!
Der Vogelfanger
Papageno equipped with the very latest technology - random-note generating pan-pipes and wellington boots!
Demon Drink
Papageno sampling some of the Temple's wine slowly realizes that wine isn't the answer - he needs a good woman! ("A pretty girl to be my wife is Papageno's plan, Oh! I would live a merry life, and be a happy man!")
Papageno & Pamina
Papageno and Pamina have just escaped from the clutches of the evil Monostatos by the cunning use of magic bells. This is of course, they have to sing about it!
Bei Männern...
Loosely translated..."For men who feel love's sweet emotions.." Papageno's gorgeous duet with Pamina (Olivia Hinman) who reminds him what a wonderful arrangement marriage is and assures him that one day, he will find his Papagena!
Three Ladies
The Three Ladies sending Tamino and Papageno off on their mission to rescue Pamina. Papageno is still wondering how the heck he got into this mess, while Tamino is madly in love with Pamina's portrait!
... and finally, Papageno finds happiness and fulfilment (and all the other things that this strange story is about!) in the form of the lovely Papagena (Sam Spaak).
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