Kennet Opera
Curtain Call
Curtain call: Macduff (Guy Edwards), Lady Macbeth (Demelza Stafford), Macbeth (Simon Meadows), Banquo (Szymon Wach), Dama (Sue Whorton).
Refugees Chorus
Another scene from the refugees'chorus at the beginning of Act Four. Macduff is busy inspecting a rifle! Costume design was by Lili Tuttle and featured an element of 'Steam Punk'.
The finale to Act Four - "Macbeth is dead!" (killed by Macduff).
O figli miei!
Macduff has the wonderfully dramatic tenor aria "O figli, o figli miei" immediately after the refugees' chorus at the begining of Act Four.
Lady Macbeth
The fabulous Demelza Stafford as Lady Macbeth.
Away with misery!
The jolly brindisi in the finale of act two is interupted by Macbeth seeing Banquo's ghost. This photo was taken during rehearsal.
"My sword shall be his jury" sings Macduff - meaning he intends to track down the murderer of his wife and children and kill him. What a great aria to sing!
Act 2 Finale
The Act Two finale - Macbeth (played by Simon Meadows) is ranting at Banquo's ghost!
Death and Ashes
"Death and Ashes" - the famous chorus from the beginning of Act Four. The lighting was by Dave Beever.
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