From a Review of Kennet Opera's La Boheme by Jack Johnson in the Newbury Weekly News (November 2013):


"Guy Edwards truly shone as the lead role Rodolfo, portraying the immense sense of loss at the close of the final act with a hard-hitting impact." 


"...another triumph for our local opera company."


From a Review of Kennet Opera's Macbeth by Lin Wilkinson in the Newbury Weekly News (November 2012):

"Full-bloodied performances for the 'Scottish opera' excellent production..."

"Guy Edwards was a forceful Macduff..." 


 From a Review by Roger Jones in the Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Standard on MJ-UK Music & Arts Mostly Mozart  show at the Cheltenham Playhouse (February 2012):

"...Guy Edwards stole this part of the show with Tamino's aria 'O Loveliness Beyond Compare'.."  [Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön] 

"...The finales to Figaro and the Magic Flute were outstanding..."


From a Review by Dominic Harris of Bristol Opera's"The Pearl Fishers" (May 2010) which appeared in The Bristol Evening Post: 

"...A soaring performance from John Fletcher as Zurga and company debutant Guy Edwards as Nadir tugged at the heartstrings and left the audience - and many of the cast, as they admitted afterwards - in tears.


That single duet, borne out beautifully by the two protagonists, embodied The Pearl Fishers' key plot strands of love, friendship and betrayal and set the tone for the rest of the production..."


From the Rose Bowl Awards Adjudication on "The Pearl Fishers" (The Pearl Fishers won the coveted South West Rose Bowl Award for the best opera or operetta):

"...his timing and phrasing was good and he treated us to some delicate solo singing.  His top notes were a tremendous achievement: They encouraged him to achieve, at times, a certain bravura... "


From the NODA adjudication on "The Pearl Fishers":

"The popular and beloved duet between Zurga and Nadir was beautifully sung with good balance between the timbres and volume of the voices.  It was much appreciated by the audience...


...the following duet between Nadir and Leila was well executed, Nadir showing richness of tone...


...the harp accompaniment to Nadir's solo was beautiful, the instrumental and vocal timbres being well-matched and complimentary to each other..."


From adjudications in the 2010 Swindon Music Festival (adjudicators were Eileen Bentley and Yvonne Patrick):

"...beautifully controlled singing with full use of the dynamic range and colours..."

" excellent performance - stylish and artistic. Memorable". 

"...Rich vocal tone throughout..."


From a Review by Lin Wilkinson of Kennet Opera's "The Magic Flute" (November 2008) which appeared in the Newbury Weekly News:

"... Guy Edwards was a star turn: in green wellies, hat with a feather, and gamekeeper's bag on his shoulder, he gave a fine comic performance as Papageno..."


From a Review by Patrick Cogswell of Newbury Chamber & Orchestra's Concert (including Haydn's "St Nicholas Mass" (November 2008) which appeared in the Newbury Weekly News:

"...The first course was Haydn's St Nicholas Mass. Guy Edwards has a very light and airy baritone voice which worked splendidly with Paul Robinson's forthright tenor..."


From a Review by Lewis Cohen of White Horse Opera's "The Merry Widow" (October 2008) which appeared in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald:

"...In the title role of Hanna Glawari, the widow of the late finance minister of Pontrevedro who has popped his clogs leaving her 20 million (the currency is immaterial), Lynsey Docherty was magisterial.  She had full command of both the score and the character and was well on top of the humour of the piece. She was well matched by Guy Edwards as Count Danilo, the dissolute playboy who is the last hope of Pontrevedro to keep the Glawari millions from the grasp of some Parisian wastrel. Physically impressive, Mr Edwards has a voice to match and also coped well with the dialogue..."