Pearl Fishers
Bristol Opera
Nourabad & Leila
The role of Leila was split between Katherine Price (now Everett) seen here, and Louise Merrifield. The role of Nourabad was played by Timothy Allen.
Rocking the boat!
Always remember, that boats, when on land, tend to rock when you sit on them!
Nadir and Leila about to escape......but before they do, they need to sing about it; this is opera after all!
As Nadir
I never thought I would need to learn how to tie a turban, but it's a skill that definitely came in handy during the Pearl Fishers.
'Blood Brothers'
In this production, we cut the palms of our hands with Zurga's knife before clasping them together in a highly theatrical "blood brothers" gesture!
Nadir worried..
The Pearl Fishers was staged at the Olympus Theatre, Bristol from 5-8 May 2010.
With Zurga in the background realizing he has lost Leila, the three sing the trio "O Lumiere sainte" (in English for this production). Here, Leila is played by Louise Merrifield.
Ready to fight!
Leila and Nadir discovered together by the villagers.
Nadir & Zurga
I think I'm trying really hard not to corpse at this point during the dress rehearsal. At least John Fletcher (playing Zurga) is managing to keep things together!
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