Off to Chez Maxim!
...or more accurately, 'I've just come back from Chez Maxim's! Danilo (Guy Edwards) makes his Act 1 entrance.
Playing hard to get!
In Act 1, despite Hannah (Lynsey Docherty) choosing a reluctant Danilo (Guy Edwards) as her partner for the "Ladies Choice" dance - he claims that he doesn't dance (!) and announces that he will sell the dance to anyone who wants it - for 10,000 Francs!
Telling a story
Poor old Danilo is thoroughly upset by Hannah's behaviour and decides to tell everyone a story about love and betrayal... "There once were two Royal children..." but his best efforts are to no avail, so he storms off to Maxim's to sulk!
Madame Praskowia
Danilo trying to find out who the fan belongs to. "...and on it is written, 'I love you'..." - cue confusion with Madame Praskowia (Barbara Gompels)
Sebastienne flees
Baron Zeta (Edward Harper) is sure he's just seen his young wife, Valencienne (Anna Vaupel) in the pavilion with another man and as Danilo (Guy Edwards) tries to console him, Valencienne is helped to escape by the wily Njegus (Graham Billing) - allowing Hannah (the Merry Widow) to take her place. Confused yet?
Danilo leading the well-known Act 2 septet complaining about the character of women. (We men are perfect, of course!).
Riding together?
Danilo and Hannah imagining what it would be like to ride out together in Paris. Danilo is a typical man and is admitting to the audience that he has '...lost the track'!
Marry Rossillon!!?
Danilo (Guy Edwards) finally summons up the nerve to tell Hannah (Lynsey Docherty) that she must not marry Camille de Rossillon... but he still doesn't tell her the real reason why!
No - it wasn't really Viennese Waltz at all, but we certainly waltzed! Lyndsey Docherty was a superb Hanna Glawari.
Love Unspoken
Danilo (Guy Edwards) singing of his unspoken love for Hannah in the the famous song of the same name!
At last!
Hannah (Lynsey Docherty) and Danilo (Guy Edwards) finally admitting (almost!) that they love each other in the famous "Love Unspoken" duet.
In rehearsal
Guy Edwards (playing Danilo) seems to be enjoying all this attention just a little too much!
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