'Tis Mabel
With Barbara Gompels as Mabel.
In rehearsal
As Frederic, posing during rehearsals in Devizes.
Sian as Mabel
I was lucky to have not just one Mabel, but two. Here, Sian Dicker is rightly sceptical about my claims to be just 21.
Publicity shot
Sian Dicker as Mabel, Guy Edwards as the oldest Frederic in town.
In rehearsal
Barbara as Mabel during rehearsal in Devizes.
We had fun!
We had lots of fun performing Pirates. Here, Barbara Gompels and I share a joke!
Truce to navigation
Come! Friends who plough the sea, truce to navigation, take another station!
Farewell Mabel!
Tender farewells as Frederic leaves Mabel in order to fulfil his obligations.
Chat-up lines!
Frederic meeting General Stanley's daughters for the first time.
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