Music Making
Various Groups
Since 2005
Playing cello with the Wessex Concert Orchestra.
The Orchestra
Early photo of the Wessex Concert Orchestra shortly after the relaunch.
Tchaikovsky frown!
Why did he write such devilishly difficult stuff? I enjoyed playing with the Wessex Concert Orchestra.
Chamber Group
Early days remembering how to play 'cello with the Daunts Vale Chamber Group.
Outdoor Prom
One of many outdoor 'Last Night of the Proms' themed concerts I played in with the Wessex Concert Orchestra
Military Wives Choir
Invited soloist with the Defence Academy Military Wives' Choir in 2014 for the Annual Music & Fireworks Concert at Shrivenham
MWC Shrivenham
Guest spot with the Military Wives Choir at Shrivenham in July 2014.
FreyaBeya Team
Paul Turner (piano), Richard Fisher (baritone), Vikki Champion (soprano), Guy Edwards (tenor) and Sian Edwards (harp) after performing in the Amore Concert for the charity FreyaBeya.
Photo by Tony Barrett. The cello is by Henri De Lille (circa 1995). The cellist is by Mrs & Mrs Edwards (circa 1959).
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